Why you should get the Clover POS | Free Credit Card Processing Long Island


Why you should get the Clover POS | Free Credit Card Processing Long Island

Clover is a POS system developed by First Data, one of the country’s largest payment processors. It’s available from more than 3,000 financial institutions, including processing resellers and banks, and businesses of all sizes can use it. Although it’s designed for retail businesses and restaurants, you can add apps to the system that make it suitable for service-oriented businesses like spas and salons and retailers.(free credit card processing Long Island)

Three versions of Clover’s POS software are available: Payments Plus, Register Lite and Register, with a monthly fee. Processing costs vary, as they’re set by the processor you choose to work with. You can choose from four hardware configurations: Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile and Clover Go. You can use Clover Go with tablets and mobile phones. All Clover card readers accept EMV chip cards, contactless payments such as NFC-powered mobile wallets, and magstripe cards.Clover

The Clover Truth
Clover is a good customizable system available from many payment processing companies. However, the software doesn’t run on third-party hardware, so you must use Clover equipment.(free credit card processing Long Island)
Likewise, whether you’re required to sign a contract for the POS software or for payment processing varies depending on the processor you choose to work with. As you select a payment processing company, keep in mind that the best processors provide service on a month-to-month basis and don’t charge any cancellation fees when you close your account. They also don’t advertise free POS hardware with the intent of getting you to sign a lengthy contract with unfavorable terms.

If you’re looking for a POS solution that you can customize, Clover is a good option. It has all the feature sets we looked for in a POS system, and it also has many apps and integrations available through its app store that allow you to configure the system to your liking.

The Payments Plus version of the software doesn’t include inventory management tools. The Register Lite version includes basic inventory tools that allow you to categorize and track items, and the Register version has advanced inventory tools. Clover supports an inventory of up to 15,000 items, and inventory management apps are available.

All three versions of Clover’s POS software allow you to build a customer list and accept customer feedback using digital receipts. With Register Lite and Register, you can set up a digital rewards program and run social media campaigns. All versions of Clover’s software allow you to add your employees to the system, set user permissions and track shifts. You can run sales reports using Clover’s Dashboard from any device, and this feature is also available with all versions of Clover’s POS software. You can also extend your business online using Clover Online Store. Apps that allow your customers to order online are available through the app store.(free credit card processing Long Island)

You can reach Clover’s customer support via phone or email 24/7. You can also consult the knowledge base, which includes guides to getting started, a troubleshooting guide and FAQs. Overnight shipping for replacement parts is available.

Clover is a good option for businesses that want to customize their POS system using apps. It’s suitable for retail businesses as well as both counter-serve and full-service restaurants, and it can be configured with apps to suit service-based businesses as well. However, you must use Clover POS hardware with this system, so it’s best suited for businesses that are in the market to purchase new equipment.

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