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Merchant Fim is your number one resource for Credit Card Processing, Cash Advance Funding, Fraud Protection, Chargeback Assistance and Prevention as well as Restaurant & Supermarket supplies. If you are looking for the best options in merchant credit card processing​ then Merchant Firm ​is the company for you. Merchant Firm offers an array of Credit Card processing solutions that are your link to the most affordable payment solutions available today. We offer credit card processing for restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, retail stores​, mobile devices, e-commerce, transportation companies and so much more. ​Our cutting edge credit card processing company​ provides the latest in technology in addition to offering the newest and most up to date and affordable products. Merchant Firm offers Zero Fee credit card processing​, Flat Rate credit card processing​, Mobile credit card processing​, Online credit card processing​ and traditional Retail credit card processing​.

Merchant Firm is so much more than just Credit Card Processing, ​we are more of a merchant center for not only credit card processing but also for restaurant supplies, supermarket supplies, credit card terminals, point of sale systems, plastic containers, bags and so much more. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service and superior products. We at Merchant Firm ​have developed a system that safeguards all facets of your payment processing & gateway solutions.

Merchant Firm Credit Card Processing​ provides you with fast and secure payment solutions and low rates​, we are PCI compliant and can effectively give you all the tools you need to maximize your day to day credit card processing needed for your business.

● Zero Fee Credit Card Processing
● Flat Rate Credit Card Processing
● Affordable Credit Card Processing
● Credit Card Terminals
● Credit Card Software/Gateways
● POS Systems

● Mobile Payment Solutions
● QuickBooks Processing
● Credit/Debit/Gift Card Services and Check Services
● Cash Advance
● PCI Compliance
● ATM & Equipment Leasing

Welcome To Merchant Firm

Unfortunately, these terms are rarely associated with credit card processing companies operating in the U.S.
Merchant Firm has embraced these words as our operating principles and as our pledge to you.
Our success is based on providing you with the best service at the most competitive rates.
We make money with happy merchants!
We at Merchant Firm strive to provide the best service in our industry and stand behind every item we sell. We hope you enjoy visiting our store and are pleased with every purchase you make. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, or have any questions, please let us know by
calling us: 833-MER-FIRM (637-3476) or by Email: Sales@merchantfirm.com

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